What does Simp mean?

The word simp is an insult and joke used by teenagers to criticise any male who is being nice to a woman. This definition has gained strong popularity in TikTok during 2020.

But the meaning in 2020 is more complex, and it has lots of corners. To call someone a simp is a joke, it is an insult, it’s misogynistic, it’s used by teenagers in TikTok who mean no harm, it’s part of the black culture… the definition is not an easy one.

So yes, it is a joke used by teenagers on TikTok. But it’s more:

  • A more aggressive meaning of simp describes a male who puts himself in a submissive position in hopes of winning a girl over, without her bringing anything to the table. He will say things to a girl, things he does not believe, but only saying them because he thinks that she wants to hear them.
  • It might also be a misogynistic term. Although the term is now mostly a joke used by teen tiktokers who seek no harm, it is also a misogynistic term aimed at the men who value, respect or are friends with women. This is also a valid simp definition.

What is the opposite of simp?

The opposite of simp is being rude. The opposite of simp is not being gentle to other people and not caring for others. The opposite of simp is letting your insecurity, fears and unresolved issues get in the way of how you treat other people.

As a result of this personal strength, you realize that others use the term simp as an insult, and you don’t care. Of course, you also realize when other use this term without any harm and you can live with it.

What is a synonym of simp?

The synonym of simp is being nice. The synonym of simp is being a gentleman, caring for others, regardless of the gender, race, age or affinity. The simp synonym is being a strong human being who, as a result, treats others with dignity.

What is “to simp” in 2020?

To engage with a girl online, putting yourself in a submissive position in hopes of winning her over, while she just doesn’t care about you. You simp when you just do or say anything in order to obtain something from her.

What’s an example of a simp in 2020?

Reading real conversations between two teenagers is a great way to understand the definition of simp. Normally, the conversation goes in one of two ways:

  • One man is gentle or nice with a woman, and gets a reply from another man calling him a simp and criticizing him for being nice. Of course this example can be described differently: one man shows himself submissive to a woman, and another man criticizes him for his submissive behaviour;
  • Or one man is about to say something nice to a woman, or simply be gentle or nice, and he says to himself not to be a simp;
  • The word has given birth to No Simp September.

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What is an example of the term simp.

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What does simp mean?

What does no simp september mean?

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