What is a Meme?

We know the term meme from social media platforms. But what memes actually mean and how you can understand memes well is unknown for various people around. This Guide to Memes will help you understand what is a meme more effectively.

Everything you need to know about what is a meme

You can see numerous memes on the internet that are made for each other. More often, memes are easy-to-consume, fun pieces of content for social media. Memes have the potential to heavily engage large audiences..

However, memes are actually more than this. To understand memes better, let’s have a look at the meme guide below. The information given below will certainly help you know more in this regard.

What is a meme?

A meme is a cultural shorthand that has evolved just like other communication forms with the ones who use it. No one has the potential to claim or understand each meme that exists.

  • Basically, a meme can be referred to as a piece of media with some humor that spreads through the internet very quickly.
  • Even more, memes also come up in the form of captioned photos as well and these are intended to elicit humor.
  • Over time, memes have become a social phenomenon worldwide. Even these can relate to cultures and subcultures and spread through social media, forum boards, and email rapidly.
  • You simply can find numerous memes on the internet, such as the No Simp September meme. More often these are too personal to the people who have created or shared them. However, almost every meme comes up with some common elements which can make that simpler and easier to understand.

What components make a meme a meme?

Even if some memes are not possible to understand, still, there are chances that you will get some that make sense to you over the years. Whether you partook in a challenge or have used some words like a failure or winning ironically, you just have participated in a meme.

  • As you find out about a challenge or anything else through word of mouth
  • Understood that
  • Change the context as per your understanding
  • Corrected it for your own usage.

All of these are the key components that usually make a meme a meme.

Even though a straightforward meme definition is hard to find. But this is more often associated with the video or an image with the portrayal of a certain concept that is often spread through social media platforms.

However, the context of a meme can have a big impact on what is the meaning of a meme as well as its relevance to the recipient. These can impart more information as well than some text simply, just like the way emojis can be used to convey emotions.

Similarly, a meme has the ability to impart:

  • A state of mind
  • A complex idea
  • A shared understanding way quicker than just typing a written idea explanation.
What is a meme?

Origins of memes

It seems pretty difficult to determine when and where the very first meme came from. As per some researchers, the idea of a meme has traced its roots back hundreds of years. But its modern interpretation was coined by Richard Dawkins; a British evolutionary biologist, who described the meme’s idea in his book The Selfish Gene in 1976.

Where meme was described as a cultural idea or identity with the potential to replicate, evolve, and pass from person to person. However, later the term used to describe unlimited permutations of different images, phrases, videos, and sounds that are spread over the internet in an effort to create and share ideas and thoughts quickly

First internet meme

When it comes to the first internet meme, most people would consider the dancing baby as the first internet meme. Sometimes, Baby Cha-Cha is also referred to. Baby Cha-Cha is a short dancing baby GIF that became viral in 1996.

It was shared via email chains widely and even showed in famous TV shows as well.

However, till 2010, the meme became a cultural phenomenon in its own right. At present memes have become a common way people communicate with various permutations of hit memes.

Ways to understand a meme

Their spread, creation, and sharing are accelerating as well. Therefore, learning to understand each meme is pretty difficult. However, still, you can wrap your head on the most common ones with ease. Do you want to know how? Let’s have a look at the information below to get a better idea:

  • Some memes can be easier to understand than others. These memes are referred to as image macro. Image macro usually involves some block text with an expressive image. These images are emphatic and designed to convey an emotional state in a simple to understand way. These usually acknowledge a shared experience, between both viewer and creator.
  • However, on the other hand, some other memes can be a bit harder to understand and nail down. You can consider a slender man as an example that seems dangerous or scary. While others can be even hard and referred to a certain episode of a TV show that was aired years ago.
  • More often the origin of such memes is buried in the context so deep. That a dedicated search might be needed to understand those memes.
  • How important it is to understand a meme completely depends on the reasons why you want to understand these. If you just want to use that meme for yourself, then picking the meme’s rough idea from its latest usage would be enough to create a meme for yourself.

Final thoughts

More often, memes are being created with humor in mind. However, the impact these are having depends on how these are being viewed or used completely. While, if you are getting memes that are not understandable for you from someone, then you can simply ask the sender to explain that for you. You can also see what that might mean outside of a communication platform or tool, it is being spread on. This can help you to understand the meaning of a meme.