Rules for No Simp September

During No Simp September, we will refrain from simping in any form whatsoever. For those who can last longer without simping, you will receive additional rewards in the form of flairs. Those who last the entire month of September, will receive the “Diamond” flair, as the highest rank you can achieve.

In order to get there, you must follow very specific rules. If you break one of these rules even once, you are out, so best stay in as long as possible, to get the most out of this month.

Rule 1: Be honest about simping, if you break down during the month and simp, you should come forth and confess, the only thing worse than a true simp, is an underhanded one, who takes the reward, yet still simps.

Rule 2: Do not donate any money to booby streamers, tik tok (*shudders*) dancers, E-girls, etc. This is one of the purest forms of simping, you are submitting and surrendering your financial power for a fleeting moment of lust, you could use this money that you spent precious time for, on something that will prove to be wholesome, and last long.

Rule 3: Do not reject the oppertunity to spend time with friends of family, in order to watch booby streamers, or any of the other culprits listed in the last rule.

Rule 4: Do not Upvote, like, or comment on a post, just because there is a girl in the photo, stop, analyze the media, ask yourself “would I really Upvote this if there wasn’t a girl in the picture?”. This rule also applies to 4chan, don’t click on bait threads just because there is a girl/ anime character in the thumbnail, were tired of seeing /bant/ riddled with these posts, contain that shit to /a/.

Rule 5: (This may be a hard one for some of you [no pun intended]) Do not willingly view pornography during the entire month of September. Pornography addiction can be just as much of a destructive behavior as simping.

Rule 6: Comment on the daily check-ins, all you have to do is literally just say, “Still In” and you will be credited for that day.