Meme calendar 2021 – Other months list

Next month in the Other months list of the Meme Calendar is DDD Challenge – Destroy Dick December. Go and learn about the list of memes for the other months in 2021, what comes after No Nut November, No Simp September, Destroy Dick December, and what comes after Finger Free February.

Meme calendar for 2021 – Other months list:

Missing Other Months list:

We still don’t have the entire calendar for 2021, and we are missing a of the other months in the list. We will be completing the meme calendar and have the list ready for 2021:

Many of you are asking what is the 2021 Meme calendar – Other months list, and what comes after No Simp September, what comes after No Nut November, and so on.

  • January:
  • March:
  • April:
  • May:
  • June:
  • July:
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  • October:

September 10, 2021 meme

What is the September 10 meme? Let us know what you think and will get together all the responses.

Meme calendar 2020

This meme list does not intend to be a meme calendar template, or a meme calendar generator. It is just a list of what comes after each month, such as what comes after No Simp September, or what comes after No Nut November, and the other months list.

No simp September and other months list calendar

Are there other months like No Simp September, here is the calendar list of all other months like No Simp September:

Please let us know if you’d like to add any new month to this list of other months calendar meme.

No Nut November and other months list calendar

There are a list of other months like No Nut November, a meme calendar 2021 with No Nut November and the other month list.

It obviously includes No Simp September No Nut November October, December No Nut calendar. If November is No Nut November, then what are the other months?

Calendar of daily events


There is a Don’t Diddle December, and also a Just Joy January for those who participated in DDD. 

This was done for those asking about what to do after NNN and DDD, wondering if we couldn’t just do something like Just Jack January. You also have Fibonacci Fap February, or Jiggly Junk January, which is what happens to your thing if you are participated in Destroy Dick December. If you stress your thingy too all the way till December 31st during DDD, it won’t be working very well in January, then Jiggle Junk January.

What comes after each other months list?

Some months in the meme calendar are related. For example, it’s obvious that after No Nut November, it has to come Destroy Dick December, it simply needs to happen.

No Simp September is somewhat related to No Nut November. They both bring discipline, while Destroy Dick December is the epitome of “fuck, finally!”.

Celebrity COVID calendar meme – Meme calendar 2021

Likewise, this meme calendar 2021 has nothing to do with the celebrity COVID calendar meme, which deserves an entires section for itself.

The celebrity Covid meme calendar shows celebrities’ faces with a certain mood for each month of this disastrous year of 2021. This is the year that started with everyone happy and optimistic, but the world had a different plan for the following months. The celebrity covid calendar shows this evolution.

You have Reese Witherspoon face evolution during 9 months of the year, from January 2020 to September 2020. She was the one who started this meme, and some have called it “The Reese Witherspoon Challenge”, you can call it the disaster meme calendar. The challenge is simple, post a picture of yourself that represents every month of the year (so far) from January to September — the results are both hilarious and deeply accurate. Nice one, Reese!

Mindy Kaling, the Los Angeles based actress, comedian, writer, and producer, also has her own meme calendar for this 2020.

Hannah Simone, the British-Canadian actress, television host, and former VJ and fashion model, as well. You can see her meme calendar below.

Learn about:

The disaster meme calendar 2020

The disaster meme calendar 2020

This disaster calendar was made by an anonymous reddit user in June 2020. If you think 2020 can’t get any worse, you are right, many people agree with you. The year has been a disaster, with major historic events in a little over three months, and we thought it’d take a few weeks to get solved. Well we were wrong.

Tons of meme calendars out there

Meme Day by Day Calendar 2020 Page a Day

You have a wall animal meme calendar.


No Simp September · Meaning

No Simp September is a challenge where men aren’t allowed to simp during September, that’s the meaning. Simp is an insult meme used by teenagers to criticise any male who is being nice to a woman. Discover other memes such as Finger Free February, No Nut November and Destroy Dick December in the Memes Calendar of 2021 – Other months list.

No Simp September Reddit icon
No Simp September

What does simp mean?

The word simp is an insult and joke used by teenagers to criticise any male who is being nice to a woman. This definition has gained strong popularity in TikTok during 2020.

But the meaning in 2021 is more complex, and it has lots of corners. To call someone a simp is a joke, it is an insult, it’s misogynistic, it’s used by teenagers in TikTok who mean no harm, it’s part of the black culture… the definition is not an easy one.

So yes, it is a joke used by teenagers on TikTok. But it’s more:

  • A more aggressive meaning of simp describes a male who puts himself in a submissive position in hopes of winning a girl over, without her bringing anything to the table. He will say things to a girl, things he does not believe, but only saying them because he thinks that she wants to hear them.

Is simp a bad word?

Is simp a bad word? Simp is a bad word depending on how you use it. In most cases, the word simp is not a bad thing because it is used by teenagers as a joke. These teenagers seek to harm, so simp is not a bad word.

Simp is a bad word depending on how you use it
Simp is a bad word depending on how you use it.

However, simp is a bad word when used to hurt other people. If used as an insult, simp is a bad word. It is a bad word when used by teenagers to criticise any male who is being nice to a woman. 

In general, simp is not a very nice thing to say, because it has evolved past its original definition, and is now a misogynistic term aimed at the men who value women, as. MEL Magazine pointed out.

If someone is calling you a simp for being nice to a woman, simply ignore them. Being nice to others and valuing other people, women or not, is the single best thing you can do. It is true, however, that most teenagers use the term as a joke, mostly on TikTok, without really willing to use this definition. But just be aware. Don’t use it in misogynistic way. Be nice to everyone.

If you are the type of guy that harasses women online (or anywhere, actually, or anyone, actually), you have a problem, you need help, you need to talk to someone, and understand how destructive your behaviour is. Maybe you don’t have much experience being nice to women or to any specific group of people, in that case please learn to do better, get help. Need help? Please ask for it. We are here to help. If you feel a friend or colleague needs help, please do provide help. Be nice to everyone.

What is the opposite of simp?

The opposite of simp is being rude. The opposite of simp is not being gentle to other people and not caring for others. The opposite of simp is letting your insecurity, fears and unresolved issues get in the way of how you treat other people.

As a result of this personal strength, you realize that others use the term simp as an insult, and you don’t care. Of course, you also realize when other use this term without any harm and you can live with it.

What is a synonym of simp?

The synonym of simp is being nice. The synonym of simp is being a gentleman, caring for others, regardless of the gender, race, age or affinity. The simp synonym is being a strong human being who, as a result, treats others with dignity.

What is “to simp” in 2021?

To engage with a girl online, putting yourself in a submissive position in hopes of winning her over, while she just doesn’t care about you. You simp when you just do or say anything in order to obtain something from her.

What’s an example of a simp in 2021?

Reading real conversations between two teenagers is a great way to understand the definition of simp. Normally, the conversation goes in one of two ways:

  • One man is gentle or nice with a woman, and gets a reply from another man calling him a simp and criticizing him for being nice. Of course this example can be described differently: one man shows himself submissive to a woman, and another man criticizes him for his submissive behaviour;
  • Or one man is about to say something nice to a woman, or simply be gentle or nice, and he says to himself not to be a simp.

1st Example

What is an example of the term simp.

2nd Example

What does simp mean?

What does no simp september mean?

No Simp September rules

There are 6 rules for No Simp September and a general principle you have to stick to: During No Simp September, we will refrain from simping in any form whatsoever.

For those who can last longer without simping, you will receive additional rewards in the form of flairs. Those who last the entire month of September, will receive the “Diamond” flair, as the highest rank you can achieve.

In order to get there, you must follow very specific No Simp September rules. If you break one of these rules even once, you are out, so best stay in as long as possible, to get the most out of this month.

Rule 1 for No Simp September

Be honest about simping, if you break down during the month and simp, you should come forth and confess, the only thing worse than a true simp, is an underhanded one, who takes the reward, yet still simps.

Rule 2 for NSS

Do not donate any money to booby streamers, tik tok (*shudders*) dancers, E-girls, etc. This is one of the purest forms of simping, you are submitting and surrendering your financial power for a fleeting moment of lust, you could use this money that you spent precious time for, on something that will prove to be wholesome, and last long.

Rule 3 for No Simp September rules 2021

Do not reject the oppertunity to spend time with friends of family, in order to watch booby streamers, or any of the other culprits listed in the last rule.

Rule 4 for No Simp September rules 2021

Do not Upvote, like, or comment on a post, just because there is a girl in the photo, stop, analyze the media, ask yourself “would I really Upvote this if there wasn’t a girl in the picture?”. This rule also applies to 4chan, don’t click on bait threads just because there is a girl/ anime character in the thumbnail, were tired of seeing /bant/ riddled with these posts, contain that shit to /a/.

Rule 5 of No Simp September rules 2021

(This may be a hard one for some of you [no pun intended]) Do not willingly view pornography during the entire month of September. Pornography addiction can be just as much of a destructive behavior as simping.

Rule 6 of No Simp September rules 2021

Comment on the daily check-ins, all you have to do is literally just say, “Still In” and you will be credited for that day.

No Simp September rules 2020
Stop Simping! It’s September. It’s the rule!

Who invented No Simp September and its meaning?

It was created on Reddit in 2020. Today, No Simp September (also known as Stop Simping September) is a community dedicated to spending the entirety of the month of September without simping.

The word Simp in black culture and music?

The word simp has been used as an abbreviation for “simpleton” for over 100 years. It has been long established in black culture, most notably on the song… [continue reading >]

The word simp has been used as an abbreviation for “simpleton” for over 100 years. It has been long established in black culture, most notably on the song “Sippin’ On Some Syrup” by Three 6 Mafia, which was released in 2000 and opens with the line, “I’m trill working the wheel, a pimp, not a simp / Keep the dope fiends higher than the Goodyear Blimp.” In this context, “simp” is used as the opposite of a “pimp.” More recently, rapper Megan Thee Stallion, our OG Hot Girl, used simp in the same way in her hit song Cash Shit: “Bitch, I do pimp shit, huh / Ho, you on simp shit, ayy.” Simp, therefore, is definitely not a new online word invented in 2020, although is now widely used in TikTok. Suave ar no simp september video & lyrics.

Song “Sippin’ On Some Syrup” by Three 6 Mafia

Simp in black culture

Song Cash Shit by Megan Thee Stallion

No Simp September

What is a simp meme in 2021 (No Simp September meaning)?

As described in this definition of what is simp, to simp is to always trying to impress a girl putting yourself in a submissive manner, while the girl wants nothing with you. There are a trillion memes related to simp, simping and no simp september.

What’s an example of a simp in a sentence in 2021? Real jokes between teenagers on Twitter and TikTok

Here you have some examples of a simp in a sentence in 2021, a few real conversations between teenagers on Twitter. These simp examples will help you understand the No Simp September meaning.

From the conversations below, we have removed names or profile pics of the teenagers to respect the privacy of the boys or girls involved. Many people ask “What is the meaning of no simp September?” or what are some examples of a simp in a sentence, and these tiktok jokes will help you understand (view Simp memes in 2021).

1st Example of Simp

What is an example of the term simp. No Simp September meaning

2nd Example of Simp

What is an example of the term simp. No Simp September meaning

3rd Example of Simp for No Simp September meaning

What is an example of the term simp. No Simp September meaning

4th Example – No Simp September meaning

What is an example of the term simp. No Simp September meaning

5th Example – No Simp September meaning

What is to simp?

No Nut November · NNN Rules 2021

No Nut November (NNN rules) is an annual joke internet challenge that encourages men to refrain from ejaculating during the 30 days of November. No Nut November NNN rules 2021 are very clear: do not nut at all in November. NNN is part of Memes Calendar of 2021 – Other months list together with DDD, FFF and NSS.

It starts on November 1st, 2021 and ends on November 20th, 2021. No Nut November is often abbreviated to NNN. The month after No Nut November is DDD Challenge – Destroy Dick December, also known as DDD, and then the No Finger February · Finger Free February FFF challenge. In September, we have No Simp September Meaning.

NNN rules 2021 are relatively straightforward: the key being not to orgasm for the entire month of November. This means no sex, no masturbation, nothing at all, you can’t come to completion. No Nut November rules are complete abstinence during one month.

No Nut November NNN rules

  1. No Nut November Rules #1: Don’t nut

According to the Reddit group, the first rule is to try your best to not masturbate or orgasm in any kind or form during the 30 days of November. It’s up to you whether you believe masturbating without completion itself doesn’t count as nutting, but if you orgasm then Game Over.

2. NNN Rules #2: No NSFW

No NSFW content that would cause people to lose at NNN. Suggestive text will be decided on a case by case basis.

3. No Nut November Rules #3: No coupons or “one time freebie” posts

Coupons were allowed within the first 24 hrs but are now forbidden. Please do not post any coupon related images or links.

4. NNN Rules #4: Be Civil

This is all a big meme and for fun so please be respectful to others participating.

5. No Nut November Rules #5. No Discord Secondary links

No fake or secondary Discord links, we currently have a popular Discord and want to congregate as many people participating as possible.

No Nut November training

No Nut November training program is an 8-step program that starts 6 weeks prior to November 1st, 2021, and ends 30 days later, on December 1st. This glorious December 1st comes with a big price, DDD!

Step 1 of the No Nut November training program: 6 weeks prior to NNN 2021, try to go one day of abstinence, no nutting;

Step 2. 5 weeks before, abstain for 2 days;

Step 3 of the No Nut November training program. 4 weeks before, abstain for 3 days – no tolling the bell;

Step 4. 3 weeks before, abstain for 4 days – 4 days without scraping at the door;

Step 5. 2 weeks before, try to go 5 days without flipping the patty.

Step 6 of the No Nut November training program: Your final week. Go the entire week without kicking your kids outta the house. Yes, you’re starting NNN 2021 a week early. You might think this isnt fair because you’ll not only be 30 days without nutting, you are doing it for much longer. But that’s the point. The first week is the hardest, so you need to get it outta the way, and after cutting down on your load-busting, you’ll have lessened your masturbation-tolerance. You will thank me for this training.

Step 7. Go the entire 30-day month without spilling your mayonnaise. This is the annual NNN 2021 war. You can do it No Nut Marine!

Step 8. Get comfy. Take your time. Relax. You can do it. Do not hurry. And… Bust a fat one!

Some of you have reported training for NNN 2021 by starting with Step 8 already in September, and repeating Step 8 on a daily basis since then. That will not help.

No Nut November motivation quotes

What are your best No Nut November motivation quotes? Here you have a few NNN motivation quotes:

  • Look, I know it can be hard to go a month without beating your meat, let alone and hour, but a know you can do it, I believe in you
  • Just do it
  • Mama is rating the performance.

No Nut November poem

When the nut was plentiful,

when the nut was tender

because I’m fasting from the nut,

I go outside to clear my mind

but I see a nut tree,

I see nuts of every kind

And so I being to wonder

if fasting from the nut is a blunder

should I just go crazy?

should I release the thunder?

But oh, no!

I made a bet that I could resist the nut

and I am not about it! (This line might be wrong)

Best believe I’m not paying that five dollars.

A week left in my journey

for the nut I am yearning.

The nut will not bug me,

I’m not a roly poly

I am a man, the nut will not control me.

So December comes blooming,

blooming like a daisy.

Best believe, night of December;

your boy is going crazy.

Can girls participate in No Nut November? Does it apply to them?

Of course, girls can participate in No Nut November. NNN also applies to our female colleagues, if they wish so.

Maybe we have to define exactly what a female nut is, but there is no reason why girls wouldn’t be able to participate in No Nut November. NNN is a month dedicated to refusing to orgasm for both sexes, so we may as well call it may “No Orgasm November”. It can mean a purge of all orgasm during this month, regardless of gender. In summary, yes, girls can participate in No Nut November, it applies to them.

Forcing my boyfriend to lose NNN

Tons of videos out there forcing boyfriends to lose NNN! For all those girlfriends asking about “Forcing my boyfriend to lose NNN”, oh please, just wait until DDD Challenge – Destroy Dick December.

No Nut November survival guide

Survival during NNN won’t be easy and you’ll need a few tips and tricks. Here are a few shared by the community:

  • Cold showers – Winter cold showers are great for forgetting any appetite for you know what;
  • Outside distractions – Fill your day with things to do outside;
  • Go trekking every single day in November -it’s all benefits, you’ll finally get in shape and it’ll be great for surviving No Nut November;
  • Stay at work and do 16-hour long shifts – more benefits, you’ll make money, you’ll thank us for this;
  • Go window shopping with your girlfriend – yes, this will work as well as a NNN survival tip. Go window shopping with your girlfriend for an entire day, I promise you’ll hate your life and won’t want to see your girlfriend for a week;
  • No TV, no laptop. Yes you know the dangers of TV.

No Nut November 2020 cancelled due to Covid-19?

Many of you asked if No Nut November happened in 2020, or was it cancelled due to Covid-19 Coronavirus. The response is easy and clear: No Nut November 2020 was not cancelled due to Covid-19, Coronavirus or to any other reason. No Nut November happened in 2020 despite Coronavirus!

There was no reason to cancel No Nut November 2020 – people just stayed safe everywhere they went, doing anything they did, but there was no reason for cancellation of this magnificent Internet challenge. Cancelling No Nut November would have not been reasonable, and yes, it happened.

Do actually people do No Nut November?

Oh yeah, people actually do No Nut November. During a survey conducted on October 15th at SMU, 21% of male students said they were considering actually doing No Nut November, while only 2% of the females were thinking about it.

During December 2020, a similar survey was conducted at NYU and 9% of students said they had tried No Nut November. Of those, 39% had failed and could not complete the entire challenge, while the remaining 61% did complete the challenge. So yes, some people actually do No Nut November, although it is not super popular yet.

No Nut November PFP

See below the No Nut November PFP. For those asking about a good pfp so that everyone knows you are doing No Nut this year, you can go ahead and use the sub icon if you want. For those asking what PFP stands for – it is the acronym in texting and social media which means both picture for proof and profile pic.

No Nut November rules are easy: do not nut during November. pfp

No Nut November pass

You’ve decided you want to pass on No Not November and we are here to respect your decision. However let me tell you this: if you pass No Nut November, you’ll never experience how it feels to be free from the tyranny of orgasms. Life is long, experience it fully by not passing No Nut November.

What happens if you loose No Nut November, are you failing?

The first week of No Nut November challenge is the hardest. Separating winners from losers, the first week of NNN usually sees the most people failing. If you have failed, you are not alone. Those failing No Nut November wonder what happens if you loose. There are two alternatives here:

  • You are open about it and share your failing with others. You have lost, you have tried and have failed. You will get the support from the community but what people will most value is your attitude towards your failure. Do you care about it, and intend to do better next year? Will you not fail No Nut November next year? If that is your attitude, you will be accepted;
  • You hide it from others. Then it is you the only one judging. The key question here is the same as above, and how do you feel about it. You have lost No Nut November, but, do you care? Are you reflecting? Can you sleep at night?

What does NNN mean on TikTok

NNN on TikTok stands for No Nut November, the annual joke and internet challenge that encourages men to refrain from ejaculating.

This meme, which is spreading widely on TikTok, was initially intended to be a satirical and humorous internet challenge, but now some participants say that abstaining has health benefits. Despite claims that abstaining from orgasms for a month has benefits, the science is on the side of ejaculation.

Who started No Nut November?

No Nut November started in Reddit. Just prior to the 2020 edition of the challenge, the community /r/NoNutNovember had more than 50k members, and at the end of the 2020 challenge it reached 85.5 members. Some people have suggested that the movement has been coopted by the far-right.

Some people might find it hard (!) to go even a few days without masturbating. This meme encourages you to challenge the dependency, and go the entire month without making the bald man cry. Some do it just for the memes, while others do it for actual self-improvement, which science does not support actually.

When did NNN become a thing?

NNN become a thing in the year 2017, when it was first started. It was then repeated the following year 2018 and in 2019. During 2020, it gained further popularity, as you can see in the Google Trends chart below.

When did NNN become a thing?

NNN blue balls

Many NNN participants are reporting getting blue balls because of NNN. For the record, Blue balls is the condition of temporary fluid congestion (vasocongestion) in the testicles accompanied by testicular pain, caused by prolonged sexual arousal in the human male without ejaculation.

With blue balls, your testicles hurt after you get aroused but don’t orgasm. Be strong! DDD will soon be here and your blue balls will change color 🚀.

No Nut November Speedrun

No Nut November speedrun.

No Nut November comes after No Simp September

It comes after No Simp September, a challenge where men are not allowed to simp during the entire month of September.

Significado de No Nut November en castellano

No Nut November es una broma anual y reto de Internet que anima a los hombres a no eyacular durante todo el mes de noviembre. Este es el significado de No Nut November y la traducción al castellano. También aplica a las chicas.

Las normas de No Nut November en español son muy claras. No eyacules durante el mes de noviembre. Estas normas se extienden en 8 normas más completas, pero el significado que necesitas saber no es más que eso. También hay trucos para sobrevivir, cuyo significado en español es claro: haz todo lo posible para distraerte y no caer en tentaciones.

El origen del meme No Nut November está en Reddit y es una broma de Internet que se realiza cada año. Es un reto que anima a chicas y chicos a no eyacular durante el mes de noviembre.

In Spanish

In Spanish: qué es simp, qué es simpear, significado No Simp September

In Dutch > Simp Betekenis. Wat is een simp? No Simp September beteken

Learn: what is a meme?