NNN – No Nut November rules 2020

No Nut November (NNN) is an annual joke internet challenge that encourages men to refrain from ejaculating during the 30 days of November. No Nut November rules 2020 are very clear: do not nut at all in November.

It starts on November 1st, 2020 and ends on November 20th, 2020. No Nut November is often abbreviated to NNN.

No Nut November rules 2020 are relatively straightforward: the key being not to orgasm for the entire month of November. This means no sex, no masturbation, nothing at all, you can’t come to completion. No Nut November rules are complete abstinence during one month.

No Nut November rules

  1. No Nut November Rule 1: Don’t nut

According to the Reddit group, the first rule is to try your best to not masturbate or orgasm in any kind or form during the 30 days of November. It’s up to you whether you believe masturbating without completion itself doesn’t count as nutting, but if you orgasm then Game Over.

2. No Nut November Rule 2: No NSFW

No NSFW content that would cause people to lose at NNN. Suggestive text will be decided on a case by case basis.

3. Rule 3: No coupons or “one time freebie” posts

Coupons were allowed within the first 24 hrs but are now forbidden. Please do not post any coupon related images or links.

4. Rule 4: Be Civil

This is all a big meme and for fun so please be respectful to others participating.

5. No Nut November Rule 5. No Discord Secondary links

No fake or secondary Discord links, we currently have a popular Discord and want to congregate as many people participating as possible.

No Nut November training

No Nut November training program is an 8-step program that starts 6 weeks prior to November 1st, 2020, and ends 30 days later, on December 1st. This glorious December 1st comes with a big price!

Step 1 of the No Nut November training program: 6 weeks prior to NNN20, try to go one day of abstinence, no nutting;

Step 2. 5 weeks before, abstain for 2 days;

Step 3 of the No Nut November training program. 4 weeks before, abstain for 3 days – no tolling the bell;

Step 4. 3 weeks before, abstain for 4 days – 4 days without scraping at the door;

Step 5. 2 weeks before, try to go 5 days without flipping the patty.

Step 6 of the No Nut November training program: Your final week. Go the entire week without kicking your kids outta the house. Yes, you’re starting NNN20 a week early. You might think this isnt fair because you’ll not only be 30 days without nutting, you are doing it for much longer. But that’s the point. The first week is the hardest, so you need to get it outta the way, and after cutting down on your load-busting, you’ll have lessened your masturbation-tolerance. You will thank me for this training.

Step 7. Go the entire 30-day month without spilling your mayonnaise. This is the annual NNN 2020 war. You can do it No Nut Marine!

Step 8. Get comfy. Take your time. Relax. You can do it. Do not hurry. And… Bust a fat one!

Some of you have reported training for NNN 2020 by starting with Step 8 already in September, and repeating Step 8 on a daily basis since then. That will not help.

What does NNN mean on TikTok

NNN stands for No Nut November, the annual joke and internet challenge that encourages men to refrain from ejaculating.

is spreading widely on TikTok This meme was initially intended to be a satirical and humorous internet challenge, but now some participants say that abstaining has health benefits. Despite claims that abstaining from orgasms for a month has benefits, the science is on the side of ejaculation.

Who started No Nut November?

No Nut November started in Reddit. In the 2020 edition of the challenge, the community /r/NoNutNovember has today more than 50k members. Some people have suggested that the movement has been coopted by the far-right.

Some people might find it hard (!) to go even a few days without masturbating. This meme encourages you to challenge the dependency, and go the entire month without making the bald man cry. Some do it just for the memes, while others do it for actual self-improvement, which science does not support actually.

No Nut November rules are easy: do not nut during November

No Nut November comes after No Simp September

It comes after No Simp September, a challenge where men are not allowed to simp during the entire month of September.