FFF challenge: No Finger, Finger Free February

The FFF challenge is Finger Free February, the month where females can’t do the dirty stuff with their vagina. No fingers, and NO other objects are allowed. Good Luck Ladies.

Finger Free February is part of the Memes Calendar of 2021 – Other months list, and it is considered the Female Version of NNN Rules – No Nut November. You can also see No Simp September Meaning.

No Finger February meaning

Finger Free February is known as FFF challenge, as No Fingers February, and as the female version of NNN No Nut November.

However you choose to call it, Finger Free February is the month when you ladies are not allowed to pleasure yourself with any sexual pleasure. Yes, no sexual pleasure for the 28 days of February.

Hey don’t complain, we could have chosen a longer month, for example No Nut November has 2 more days that your month.

No Finger February rules

Finger Free February has one basic rule: not masturbate or have sex for a whole month. Ladies are allowed to get turned on for example by watching porn or sucking a dick, always as long as you don’t put your finger up your vagina or do anything with your clitoris.

Many girls were laughing at guys during No Nut November, here is your turn: S&S Sans Squirt September.

What happens if you fail No Fingers February?

Anyway, some girls are asking what happens if you fail Finger Free February. That will depend of the extraordinary causes for you failing the FFF challenge. In general, it has been agreed that FFF failing girls must remain single for the entire 2021.

Some girls have complained about this rule being too tough. Well, as a proof of our immense goodness, we have come up with one exception.

Can I skip No Fingers February on Valentines Day February 14th?

During the 14th of February, yes, Valentines Day, you ladies are allowed to skip No Fingers February. Only that day, no other day in the month are you allowed to skip the FFF challenge. You be careful!

Is No Finger February hard to do?

For those asking how hard it is to do Finger Free February, that will depend on your training, and your need for a finger. While participating in the FFF challenge, just take into account that you are not alone… thousands of girls all around you are up to the challenge.

Also, not only girls. Man have gone thru No Nut November and many have reported being able to finish the month with zero nuts. And truth is, dudes have invented Destroy Dick December as a follow up to No Nut November… so maybe someone comes up with an interesting month meme for you in March 🙂.

No Finger February memes

No Finger February starts soon… No Finger February starts tomorrow and the moment for memes is arriving. When you are 4 weeks into Finger Free February and you wipe little too hard.

FFF challenge Finger Free February
When you’re 4 weeks into Finger Free February and you wipe a little too hard

FFF challenge: Finger Free February

Men have the opportunity to enjoy a full month of no nutting during 30 days of No Nut November… we are not sure if any good comes out of that, but hey, we do it. You ladies have the opportunity to enjoy your own month, because yes, we love you 🙂

FFF challenge is a challenge for females but it obviously affects guys. Any of you kow how you’ll deal with girls no been able to take your penis during this month? Because it’ll be a pain for them, but we’re also gonna suffer.

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What will you do on January 31st, the day before Finger Free February?

Imagine Finger Free February is starting tomorrow. What would you do today? Finger all the day? Or absolutely refrain from fingering as part of the training for what’s coming up? We want to hear from you ladies?

Also, what will you do during the first day of March? Maybe you’ve forgotten the feeling of a finger and you’ll refrain from ever doing it again, or you do the equivalent of Destroy Dick December for during one single day (be careful ladies!).

Enjoy the best zapps!