People who fail no simp September

No simp september is not for everyone, some people fail and you have to respect this fact. There has been several studies around NSS and other memes of the month, and the results tend to be pretty clear.

Not everyone can confront NSS, and there are various reasons for failure.

3 types of No Simp September fails

  • The Natural Simpers: there are dudes with extreme tendency to simp and to over care for the girls around them;
  • The Attention Seekers: other people simply seek the attention that they’d lack, if they refrained from simping;
  • The Winners: for others, simping is a winning strategy: they simp, and they get girls.

Natural Simpers: Dudes with extreme tendency to simp

This is a group of people with tendency to over care for girls. The reasons behind this tendency are unclear, and we are not here to seek responses for this behaviour. We just want to expose the facts.

In the case of these type of people, dudes trying no simp september always fail. It has been mathematically proven. If you see a guy that falls under this category, and you see him trying NSS, just step up and speak with him. You’ll save him from a month of pain.

Attention seekers: The attention seekers

This group is clearly different from the one above. They simp not because they are naturally nice, but because they don’t have other ways to gain attention.

So think this carefully. They have a problem (the need for attention) and their simping is a mechanism to correct that problem.

If you find this type of guy, hey, just step up to help him. Give him the attention he requires. Do it at least for a month. Hug him. Get your friends to hug him. YES HUG THE DUDE! You all are in this together.

Winners: Simping for the win

This category of simpers is special. They simp during september, october, november, and all year around. They are professional simpers… but they WIN!

You wouldn’t even have to call them simpers but winners. You wouldn’t say they fail. They are getting the girls, they are champions… they deserve our recognition.


And this is very important.

After the win, they have to get back to the group. They have to get back to their friends, and hang out with them. You can’t be simping the entire day an entire week or month. Please do not do that.

Real winners win and enjoy victory with friends.

Describes a scene of people who fail at no simp september
People who fail no simp september

People who fail no simp September. Into exile, they must go. Failed, they have.

Describes a scena of the community no simp september
the community no simp september

The community no simp September.