No Simp September meaning

No Simp September meaning: It is a challenge where men aren’t allowed to simp during September. Simp is an insult / joke used by teenagers to criticise any male who is being nice to a woman. Learn what “simp” means, or discover other memes of the month in the Meme Calendar 2020 馃憠.

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No Simp September

Who invented No Simp September and its meaning?


Meme calendar 2020

The next month in the Meme Calendar 2020 is Destroy Dick December ( view rules). Go and learn about the rules, and the story of the 16-year old student who is, so far, the winner of DDD.

Many of you are asking what is the 2020 meme calendar so far, and what comes after No Simp September, what comes after No Nut November, and so on.

Meme calendar for 2020:

Missing Months:


No Nut November 路 NNN 路 Rules 2020

No Nut November (NNN) is an annual joke internet challenge that encourages men to refrain from ejaculating during the 30 days of November. No Nut November rules 2020 are very clear: do not nut at all in November. NNN is part of the Meme Calendar 2020.

It starts on November 1st, 2020 and ends on November 20th, 2020. No Nut November is often abbreviated to NNN. The month after No Nut November is Destroy Dick December (view rules), also known as DDD.

NNN rules 2020 are relatively straightforward: the key being not to orgasm for the entire month of November. This means no sex, no masturbation, nothing at all, you can’t come to completion. No Nut November rules are complete abstinence during one month.

No Nut November NNN rules

  1. No Nut November Rules #1: Don’t nut

According to the Reddit group, the first rule is to try your best to not masturbate or orgasm in any kind or form during the 30 days of November. It’s up to you whether you believe masturbating without completion itself doesn’t count as nutting, but if you orgasm then Game Over.

2. NNN Rules #2: No NSFW

No NSFW content that would cause people to lose at NNN. Suggestive text will be decided on a case by case basis.

3. No Nut November Rules #3: No coupons or “one time freebie” posts

Coupons were allowed within the first 24 hrs but are now forbidden. Please do not post any coupon related images or links.

4. NNN Rules #4: Be Civil

This is all a big meme and for fun so please be respectful to others participating.

5. No Nut November Rules #5. No Discord Secondary links

No fake or secondary Discord links, we currently have a popular Discord and want to congregate as many people participating as possible.

No Nut November training

No Nut November training program is an 8-step program that starts 6 weeks prior to November 1st, 2020, and ends 30 days later, on December 1st. This glorious December 1st comes with a big price, DDD!

Step 1 of the No Nut November training program: 6 weeks prior to NNN 2020, try to go one day of abstinence, no nutting;


Destroy Dick December Rules 2020

Destroy Dick December 2020 is an annual Internet challenge that “comes” after No Nut November. Destroy Dick December rules (DDD rules) are clear: participants masturbate one time on the 1st of December; twice on December 2nd; 3 times on the 3rd, and so on. On December 31st, they masturbate 31 times.

DDD meaning is Destroy Dick December, which is part of the Memes Calendar of 2020.

The numbers of Destroy Dick December

During the first day of December, participants destroy their dick after the 43200 minutes of abstinence after No Nut November. At the end of December, after completing the challenge, they have masturbated 496 times in 31 days. Those are the rules of Destroy Dick December, the DDD rules.

DDD meaning is Destroy Dick December in 2020.

Destroy Dick December record

Destroy Dick December record is 21 days!! DDD record is in the hands of a 16-year old student (read the story below), and there is no evidence of any participant completing the entire Destroy Dick December challenge with all the DDD rules, up until December 31st.

Destroy Dick December record, you ask? Sure there is one!

The DDD record!!! It has been documented, with proof, a Destroy Dick December record. The story documents a 16-year old student from Sentosa, in the Core Central Region of Singapore, who holds the Destroy Dick December record. This student completed Destroy Dick December until the 21st of December. On the 22nd day of the month, early in the morning, he was then taken to the Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital in Singapore with low pressure, high dehydration, and severe cartilage and ligament tears of the his right wrist. After 13 days in the hospital, he was released in early January.

“Holding the record for Destroy Dick December is the best thing that has ever happened to me, despite of the terrible physical consequences to my body”, said Zheng Lee, the Sentosa boy. “My name means, 鈥榓ccomplish, succeed鈥 and participation in DDD was important to me. DDD rules are cool and I love a challenge and its meaning”.

Zheng, who was accompanied out of the Hospital by his mother, had the objective of reaching at least until the 24th of December, and nutting once an hour. He was sad not to have made it there.

His mother did not comment on the news.

Asked about 2021 DDD record, Zheng looked at his mother and declined to respond.

DDD Day 1

Welcome to Day 1 of Destroy Dick December. How did it go?

Day 2 of DDD. It’s fun eh?

Day 3 of Destroy Dick December. Keeps getting interesting

Last Day of Destroy Dick December. As we have mentioned above, there is zero evidence of a full completion of the entire month of the challenge Destroy Dick December, with its specific rules. The winner, the person who has most succeeded with DDD is the 16-year old student that we told you about above.

What is Destroy Dick December starts tomorrow